What I Stand For

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Women's Health

Women’s rights issues must be addressed by our state legislature. Women should have the right to choose their best medical options. Easy access to birth control and complete and accurate contraceptive education are the best ways to reduce the number of statewide abortions.

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I believe in the power of a strong middle class. In order to strengthen ours, I will seek to ensure that everyone has access to free or low-cost quality healthcare, education, and job training.

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All Ohioans should have access to quality low-cost healthcare. Far too many hardworking Ohioans are one illness away from financial ruin. In order to get them the coverage they deserve, I support expanding Medicaid as well as subsidizing employer-provided health insurance.

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Education is perhaps the single most important contributor to a higher quality of life for families as it leads to better jobs, wages, benefits, and income. I wish to ensure that all Ohioans have access to a free, quality, K-12 education and/or training. I stand in strong support of our public schools and against poorly performing charter schools.