As a lifelong educator who has taught both middle school science and college students, I am a firm believer in the power of a quality education.

Education is perhaps the single most important contributor a higher quality of life for families. Education leads to better jobs, wages and benefits, and a higher median income. I propose providing free K-16 education and/or job training to all Ohioans. I would also be in favor of a plan to provide relief for those burdened by student debt in exchange for working in-state. Unfortunately, Republicans have reduced funding to public education, instead diverting millions to charter schools while providing little if any oversight of them. I am in favor of closing non-performing charter schools, recovering the money for public education, and encouraging public schools to develop online options. The ECOT experiment provided us with an understanding that online education can work. Public educational funds should benefit the public, and diverting funding from public school to most of the for-profit charter schools proved to lead to fraud and inadequate learning experiences for thousands of students.

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— Hope K.